• Major International Car Rental Companies

    You do quite a bit of business and pleasure travelling abroad and you need to know what international car rental companies there are. This article will break down the various rental agencies that do business internationally by continent.


    There are a number of rental agencies that operate throughout Europe. Some of the larger ones are listed below:

    • National Car Rentals-One of the larger rental agencies here in the United States also has a very large presence in Europe. National has offices in over 35 countries in Europe, so whether you’re in Italy, Finland, Latvia, Croatia or the UK, you’ll find a number f National Car Rental agencies waiting to do business with you.
    • Europcar-Europcar is one of Europe’s largest car rental agencies. With offices in over 35 countries in Europe alone, you’ll have no trouble finding an office in any major tourist or business destination in Europe.
    • Hertz-You’ve come to know Hertz as one of the “All-American” companies, so it might surprise you to know that Hertz has a worldwide presence also. Hertz is also available in over 30 countries in Europe, making finding them very easy for the business or personal traveler.
    • Alamo Car Rental-This company’s name is as American as they come, but they have a very strong European presence, having offices in over 35 countries there.  Whether you plan on going to Denmark, Sweden, Macedonia, Czech Republic, or almost anywhere else in Europe, you’ll find a slice of America in every Alamo office in Europe.

    South America

    Many of the previously mentioned rental agencies are truly multinational companies, having a major presence on every continent. Here is a partial list of rental companies available in South America:

    • Avis-Avis is another one of those companies that we are very familiar with here in the United States that is also available in a very large number of countries overseas. With a very strong presence in South America, whether you’re going to Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina or one of a dozen others, you’ll have no trouble finding an Avis location at all major international airports throughout the region.
    • Hertz-Truly global in scale, Hertz has a very strong South American presence. You’ll find offices in every major international airport throughout the region.
    • Alamo-Alamo car rentals appears to be just getting into the South American markets. You’ll only find offices in Argentina and Chile, and only then in the major cities.


    If you’re planning a trip Down Under, you’ll have no problem finding a car rental agency you’re already familiar with. A very partial listing if international car rental companies doing business in Australia follows:

    • Avis-Avis has an extremely strong presence in Australia. They have offices in more than 150 cities and towns throughout Australia.
    • National-National is another American company with a strong presence in Australia. With offices in over 60 cities throughout the country, you should be able to find one where you’re going with no problems.
    • Hertz-The old stand-by, Hertz is also very well represented Down Under with over 120 offices throughout the country.

    As you can see, the number of truly international car rental companies is fairly large. This article has given you the beginnings of a fairly comprehensive list of companies available worldwide.