• Luxury Car Rental vs. Truck Rental Comparison

    Truck rental or luxury car rental, you can’t decide between the 2 for your next vacation car rental. This article will compare trucks and luxury cars using a number of criteria. The criterion used are as follows:

    • Safety
    • Interior Comfort
    • Ride Comfort
    • Towing Capacity
    • Gas Mileage


    Most luxury cars are going to be safer in most high speed accidents than trucks will be. This is because they have better weight distribution and resist spins better. Trucks have almost no weight behind the passenger compartment. This fact makes them susceptible to spinning when hit in the rear of the vehicle.  Another big safety difference between trucks and luxury cars is the fact that most luxury cars have more and better designed supplemental restraint systems, better known as air bags. Trucks will have air bags in the dash for both front seat passengers. Most luxury cars will have these dash mounted air bags as well as side curtain air bag systems. Some luxury cars will also have air bags to protect the back seat passengers. Both front and rear seat passengers will have 3 point shoulder restraints in all luxury cars. Not all trucks have rear seats and not all of those that do, offer this type of seatbelt. Many just have lap belts.

    Interior Comfort

    Trucks are designed to haul cargo. For this reason they aren’t usually designed with luxury and comfort in mind in the interior. The seats will be more supportive than comforting in a truck. More attention has been paid to passenger comfort in trucks in recent years, but a luxury car is still going to be much more comfortable than a truck.

    Ride Comfort

    A luxury car is going to give driver and passengers a much more comfortable ride than a truck is. Again, a truck is designed mostly for hauling stuff around. For this reason the suspension of a truck will have much less give than the suspension of a luxury car. Pot holes driven over in a truck will be more jarring than in a luxury car. This is because the stiffness of the suspension transmits more of the jounce caused by pot holes to the frame than in a luxury car.

    Towing Capacity

    Luxury cars aren’t designed for towing. They are designed solely with the comfort of those in the passenger cabin in mind. Because of this, they can’t tow as much as even a small truck can without some serious suspension modifications. A truck is going to have a much higher towing capacity than a luxury car.

    Gas Mileage

    Luxury cars are designed to get you to where you’re going comfortably. This means making less stops for gas. A luxury car will get better gas mileage than all but small trucks. Truck makers have been steadily improving the fuel economy of their products, but they still aren’t as economical to drive as cars.

    This article has given you some information to use in comparing luxury cars and truck rental. After having read this article you will be able to make a more informed decision between the 2 options.