• Luxury Car Rental vs. Smart Car Rental Comparison

    For your next vacation you’re planning on either a luxury car or a Smart car rental. But, you’re not quite sure which of the 2 you prefer and want some information about them before you decide. This article will touch on a few characteristics in the following areas:

    • Interior Comfort
    • Ride Comfort
    • Gas Mileage
    • Creature Comfort Features
    • Safety

    Interior Comfort

    Luxury cars are especially designed to be comfortable. SmartCars are much smaller, but are surprisingly roomy inside. The seats aren’t designed as much for comfort as they are for feel. SmartCar seats are sport-style bucket seats. They have a wrap around type feel to them. Interior storage in a SmartCar is about half of that of a luxury car.

    Ride Comfort

    SmartCars are designed with a sporty ride in mind, so the suspension has much less travel and is much stiffer than a luxury car. This means you will feel more bumps in the road than in a luxury car and they will feel much harsher. In a luxury car, you are going to have more of a floating type feeling driving down the road than you will in a SmartCar. On most city streets and country roads you’re going to be bounced around much more in a SmartCar than you will in a luxury car.

    Gas Mileage

    In many markets, SmartCars are hybrids. This means that because of the limited use of the small, 3 cylinder 1 liter engine they are going to get about double  the gas mileage that you would be able to get in a luxury car. Being much smaller and lighter, a SmartCar would be able to get much better mileage even if it wasn’t a hybrid. The SmartCar is listed as getting 41 mpg, while a luxury car will normally get around 20 to 25 mpg.

    Creature Comforts

    Creature comforts are those little things we’ve come to expect. In a SmartCar, there are quite a few. From the standard cd player with auxiliary input jack, to the highly enhanced instrument cluster with digital readouts of remaining fuel, coolant level indicator and others, the SmartCar keeps pace with a luxury car quite well. The only thing it lacks is a cup holder. When the weather turns beautiful, Smart offers 2 versions in a Cabriolet, or convertible, which most luxury cars don’t have.


    The SmartCar has been described as the safest hybrid on the market. It has many design features that are meant solely for driver and passenger safety, including specially designed head and neck airbags and weight sensing seats and seatbelts. In high speed accidents, a luxury car is going to be safer than a SmartCar because of the size difference, but the SmartCar has many more safety features than most luxury cars. SmartCar seats have safety seats integrated in them. Smart has built extra braking safety into their cars with a dual hydraulic-circuit brake system with electronic force distribution.

    There are a number of major differences between luxury cars and SmartCars. This article has given you some information that should help you decide between luxury cars and SmartCar rentals on your next vacation or business trip.