• Luxury Car Rental vs. Off Road Vehicles Comparison

    You can’t decide between the off road vehicles and the luxury cars that your favorite car rental agency has to offer for your next vacation. In order to enable you to make an informed decision about which type of vehicle to rent, this article will discuss various characteristics and aspects of each class of vehicle.


    Most luxury cars are going to be safer in most high speed accidents than off road vehicles. This is because they are close to the road and will take much more to make them tip or roll over. Also, since they are closer to the road, it will be much harder for them to ride up on top of other vehicles in an accident. As far as seeing and being seen, off road vehicles are much better off, being so much higher off the road, but they take a hit in stability and control for this advantage.

    Interior Comfort

    Off road vehicles aren’t made for comfort, they’re made for having fun bouncing around off road. Some have more comfortable seats than others, though. There will also be a marked increase in interior noise levels due to a number of factors. Off road vehicle seats will also be nowhere near as comfortable as those in luxury cars. Off road vehicles that have been markedly lifted to give better ground clearance will also be much harder to get in and out of.

    Ride Comfort

    Most off road vehicles aren’t designed to give comfortable rides. Their suspensions have quite a bit of give to them, as well as much more travel, but the ride in them is much harsher than in a luxury car. The shock absorbing system on an off road vehicle is graduated, which means that for small movements, it’s relatively soft, but stiffens as the amount and speed of travel increases. The suspension on a luxury car is designed to react consistently throughout its travel. Many people not used to driving or being in luxury cars will describe the ride as soft or mushy. This will keep passengers from being bounced around violently when driving over rough roads or railroad tracks.

    Towing Capacity

    Except for those designed from the ground up purely for off road usage, off road vehicles started out as vehicles designed to haul cargo and pull things. For this reason mainly, off road vehicles will have significantly more towing capacity than luxury cars. The other big reason for this is the added horsepower in the engine and the increased torque capacity of the transmission.

    Gas Mileage

    Luxury cars are, by design, going to give much better mileage than off road vehicles. Off road vehicles are mostly built with big, heavy bodies and frames. In order to move all this weight around, they have big, powerful engines which consume much more gasoline moving the vehicle where the driver requires. Most luxury cars are designed to convey passengers from one place to another in comfort and as economically as possible.

    With the real world information above, you will be able to make a more informed choice between off road vehicles and luxury cars on your next vacation.