• Luxury Car Rental vs. Mini Van Car Rental Comparison

    Luxury car or mini van car rental, you can’t decide which one you want to use on your next vacation. This article will discuss certain characteristics of each class of vehicle so that you will be more able to make an informed decision about which type of vehicle to rent.


    Most luxury cars are extremely safe, as are mini vans. However, the Dodge Caravan series has consistently been given highest marks for passenger safety by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Most newer mini vans are also now coming equipped with seats that convert to child safety seats. With a luxury car, you still have to supply your own. With newer vehicles, both luxury cars and mini vans are likely to have antilock brakes.

    Interior Comfort

    For the most part, a luxury car is going to provide most people with more interior comfort than any other type of vehicle. This is because comfort helps to define luxury. Automakers add every accoutrement they can to add to rider comfort on luxury cars. Extra plush seats with massive amounts of cushioning and leather are standard equipment on luxury cars. Most mini vans won’t have that type of seat. They will have either some sort of fabric cover, vinyl or naugahyde seat covers and just enough padding to make sure you don’t feel the support springs in the seat.

    Ride Comfort

    Ride comfort is an objective characteristic. Some people like feeling minor variations in the road surface, while others don’t. In a luxury car, by design you will be completely isolated from the road. In a mini van, you will feel more of the road beneath you, which to some people means an increase in vehicle control. In a luxury car, when the car hits a bump, you will notice it oscillating 5 or 6 times softly then stopping, while with a mini van, the same bump will cause a noticeable bounce in the passenger cabin. In a luxury car, the suspension is very soft, which is why you won’t feel the harsh bumps that you will in a mini van.

    Towing Capacity

    While neither vehicle type is specifically designed for towing, the mini van will have be able to tow a larger load. This is because the luxury car suspension is not designed for towing at all. A mini van suspension doesn’t have the limitations that a luxury car has. The fact that a luxury car suspension is designed to absorb road shocks by dissipating the vehicle’s vertical motion over time creates extra stress on tow hitches and trailer tongues. Because the suspension on a mini van is designed to absorb those same shocks much quicker, stress and strain on hitches and tongues is diminished significantly.

    Gas Mileage

    Because they are lighter than big luxury cars, mini vans can have mileage numbers than luxury cars. The fact that they have smaller, more efficient engines also contributes to this increased gas mileage.

    After reading this article you will hopefully have the information you need to make an informed decision as to which type of vehicle you will use the next time you need to rent.