• Luxury Car Rental vs. Fuel Efficient Car Rental Comparison

    Among your choices when renting a vehicle, a luxury car and a fuel efficient car are at opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s hard to imagine that a renter interested in one would be interested in the other, but car renters who want to compare all of their choices should look at all of their options. After looking at all of the costs and benefits associated with renting both types of car, you can decide for yourself which makes more sense for your situation. All things being equal including budget, safety and style, it is conceivable that you would choose a luxury car or a fuel efficient car. A comparison, then, is in order.

    Luxury Car vs. Fuel Efficient Car

    • Cost: Probably foremost on your mind when looking into a car rental is the cost. Fuel efficient vehicles typically fall into the economy class, but other agencies have a specific hybrid designation. Either way, it’s going to be less per day than a luxury car. The Lincoln Towncar is the luxury offering of some rental agencies, while others offer Mercedes, Audi and Cadillac models. If you opt for the luxury model, you will pay more for the actual rental than you will for the economy or fuel efficient model. 
    • Fuel Efficiency: Like its name suggests, a fuel efficient vehicle will cost less to fuel it. If you have a long way to travel, it makes sense to get a fuel efficient vehicle. On the other hand, if you’re renting a car for a night on the town, you won’t necessarily be driving very far, so you might choose the luxury car. Whatever you decide, a fuel efficient car will require a lower energy cost. 
    • Safety: Luxury cars are usually sturdier than fuel efficient models. This has a lot to do with a car’s weight. Fuel efficient cars get better MPG because they’re lighter. Luxury cars are arguably safer in the event of an accident, though, usually having more safety features included in the design. 
    • Insurance: If you rent a luxury car, you will without question want to purchase the daily damage waiver in addition to the regular insurance. Not only do you not want to get stuck with a bill in the event of an accident, should the car be stolen you will be liable. If you’re renting a luxury car, it’s a small price to pay. Fuel efficient cars attract less attention, but nevertheless, the damage waiver will protect you from financial liability should something disastrous happen. 
    • Amenities: Almost all cars will come with things like a cup holder or several, AM/FM radio and power windows. However, luxury cars are not called luxury without reason. With that rental you will get the most a car has to offer, from internal GPS to a multi-disc CD player to halogen headlights. There will also likely be leather seating, which is at the top of comfort. 

    When you rent a fuel efficient car, you’re sacrificing some of the things that define a luxury car, and vice versa. Comparing the two, you find they are desirable for different reasons. In terms of style, safety and amenities, a luxury car can’t be beat, while a fuel efficient car will cost you less in every conceivable way. Make your choice wisely after weighing your options and determining what you need from the rental car.