• Luxury Car Rental vs. Cheap Car Rental Comparison

    Opting for a cheap car rental is one way to save money when traveling, but it’s important to remember the cheaper the car, the less comfortable the ride. Before you decide which class of vehicle to rent, consider making a comparison between a couple of your options. Take the two polar opposites that rental car companies offer: luxury cars and economy cars. Economy is a nicer way to say cheaper, but besides cost, there really are noticeable differences in quality, comfort, features, safety and style. If you think a cheaper car is more than adequate when renting, read this first. Even though you will pay more, you might discover several advantages for shelling out extra money, especially for long road trips.

    Luxury Car vs. Cheap Car Rental

    Before going over the qualities of the cars themselves, the price difference is worthy of mention. Renting a luxury car, you will pay more per day than you would for a cheaper economy car. It’s also advisable that you purchase the highest level of insurance coverage when renting a luxury car. You could held liable for damages to the car if you don’t purchase the damage waiver. With a luxury vehicle, that could end up being a very big bill. To be clear, a luxury vehicle could very well cost you double what you would pay for an economy car. Now on to the complete comparison:

    • Quality: A luxury car possesses an overall quality that is superior to an economy vehicle by a wide margin. In terms of the interior components like seats, windows, dashboard and shifter, a luxury car simply feels better. A cheap car rental feels exactly that: cheaper. 
    • Safety: Economy cars are economical because they usually get better gas mileage. One reason for this is that they are lighter. Consequently, the safety features of a cheap rental car pale in comparison to a luxury car that’s braced from the side and designed to absorb more shock. The tires on cheaper rental cars are some of the smallest available, which is not very ensuring when driving at high speeds. Luxury cars, simply put, are safer. 
    • Power and Handling: A luxury car will have either a V6 or V8, fuel-injected engine which really gives it power. With its quality suspension and steering system, it also handles great. Economy cars don’t possess such amenities, and can be gutless in terms of engine capacity. 
    • Features and Comfort: Part of renting a car is enjoying the features the car offers and having a comfortable ride. Luxury cars provide the most in terms of amenities and comfort. Well-built leather seats, full stereo systems and GPS are just a few of the features that come standard with luxury cars. Riding in them, you will be comfortable even if you have to go a long distance. Economy cars generally only come with basic features such as a CD player. They are not nearly as comfortable, as they are designed for practical uses only.

    Although there really is no comparison between luxury cars and cheaper rentals, there is arguably a time to rent a cheap rental car. Their biggest advantage is the price you will pay. If you’re renting a car when traveling for business and planning to stay in town, an economy car is a good, thrifty choice. If you’re doing some long distance driving and have a family’s comfort to consider, a luxury car is a better choice.