• How to Make the Most of a Hertz Online Coupon

    To make the most of a Hertz rental car online coupon, you would need to first determine which coupons are currently available. This could be possible by searching online at a variety of websites. However, you may find coupons that are outdated or there may be certain requirements before you are able to receive them.

    It may be easier to just go directly to the Hertz website for the bargains that are available. Conveniently, there are no coupons to print, cut or submit.  Each offer has a promotional coupon code for instant savings when making reservations.

    Examples of Special Offers:

    Weekend/Weekly VacationHere you will discover several coupon offers pertaining to weekend and week vacation rentals valid through March 31, 2010. You can explore your options and find the greatest savings available for your needs.

    AAA/CAAIf you are a Triple A (AAA) member, you qualify for several discounts. Hertz makes it easy to find out how much you can save.

    Extras – Services Daily Deals

    You might want to check here first to determine if there are any specials for your area, or for your special circumstances. Some offers in this section are valid until December 31, 2010.

    One-WaysHere you will find offers for “one way” rentals. Currently advertised is an offer to drive yourself to an airport in Manhattan which will save you over 40% of the cost of taxis and car services, according to the website.

    Partner Offers

    The “partner offers” refers to offers made by credit cards, for example. You could also earn bonus points if you have a credit card from one of the company partners.

    Sun and SkiOffers currently include rentals in Florida and several states in the U.S. and Canada.

    Global DestinationsIf you are planning to rent from Hertz in a country outside the United States, this is especially for you. It provides a map with links to your particular destination and the offers available there.Hertz offers several discounts. Their website will help you to decide how to make the best of their coupon promotions.