• How to Keep Up with Hertz Rental Car Special Offers

    Hertz rental car frequently has special offers on their vehicles. Keeping track of them can be difficult, so you could easily miss out on saving some money when you need to a rent a vehicle. Here’s how you can keep track of Hertz car rental special offers.


    The Hertz car rental website contains a section that’s entirely made up of special offers. You can keep up with the different offers by checking the site regularly, especially in the weeks before you’re going to rent a car. The offers vary from month to month, so it’s worth checking them out on a regular basis. The offers on the site include not only those from Hertz itself, but also from partners and international offers. Offers will also be included for different global destinations which can be especially important if you’re traveling abroad.

    Newspapers and Magazines

    Hertz often runs ads in newspapers with details of special offers. These are frequently 1/8 or 1/4 page ads in the news or sports sections, so you should check these frequently to keep abreast of the company’s latest offers. These will vary from month to month. Hertz also advertises with a number of specialist magazines and as partners with some of the major motoring organizations. Checking their partner sites can also bring some special offers to save you money.

    Voucher Sites

    Like other companies in the same business, Hertz car rental does work with various voucher sites to provide special offers. These can sometimes include impressive savings and this can make looking through several voucher sites very worthwhile, particularly if you want to secure the very best Hertz special offers.