• How to Get the Best Deal on an Avis Rental Car

    There are a few ways you can get the best deal on an Avis rental car. Rental cars, in general, are necessary. If you don’t want to use your own car and still need to go on a road trip, then rental cars are the best option as they are well maintained and they are reasonably cheap too. If you select Avis, here’s how to go about getting the best deal on their rental cars.

    Go Online – Sites like Expedia have offers where you can book flights, hotel rooms and an Avis rental car all at a package rate. This would ordinarily have cost you much more. But if you book with exclusive travel sites like Expedia you will get bulk rates and cheaper rentals that make booking online really attractive.

    Use Auction Sites like PricelinePriceline.com is really well known for its quality service. The website also offers a bidding capacity on any Avis rental car at any airport in the US. The process of getting a rental is easy as you have to put in the airport where you will be arriving at, the pickup time of the car, the drop off dates and the car type you like. Then you can decide what you want to pay per day for the car and back up the request with a credit card number. Once you click on the site submission button, the website responds with an acceptance or rejection of your quoted amount. Upon acceptance, your Avis rental car is booked immediately and credited through your card and the itinerary details are mailed to you. If your offer is rejected you can book again.   

    Don’t Book your Avis Rental Car at Airports – Airport rentals of Avis rental cars are higher than normal. This is because the company has to pay the additional charges levied by the operations at the airport. Try to find Avis rental cars at locations close to the airport. If you are traveling and have no other choice, consider picking up your Avis rental car at an off-site location. You may have to travel by bus or train to the nearest city or town where the car is parked. Though, this can reduce the rental rate by as much as 10-15%.

    Book Early – We know that booking rentals cars is easy but with the recent recession there has been an overall reduction in the number of cars with every company. Rental companies have sold off or reduced the number of cars they have and this has resulted in a severe shortage of rental cars. Cars are also older and might be parked at off-site locations to reduce rental rates. Book your car early and online to get substantial discounts.

    Buying the Auto Insurance Offered by the Rental Company – Almost all customers are offered a rental policy with which they can buy insurance at the time of rental. This liability auto insurance coverage will take care of the driver in case of an auto accident. Please check to see whether you already have auto insurance and whether it also covers your Avis rental car. Most personal polices do and there is no need to buy an additional auto insurance policy.

    The economy might be down but car rental rates are not. If you use Avis rental cars regularly, then combine these above tips to get the best deal even during festive times.