• How to Get the Best Deal on a National Rental Car

    National Rental Car is one of the biggest global car rental companies with offices in airports and cities all over the world. National Rental Car are in direct competition with a number of other companies which means their rates have to be competitive. If you want the best rates on a National Car Rental vehicle, you can find some great deals if you’re willing to be a little intuitive.

    Step 1 – Website

    When you’re considering booking a vehicle through National Rental Car, take the time to check the company’s website regularly. In the weeks before you intend to make your booking, become a regular visitor to the site. This way, you’ll be alerted to seasonal and even weekly offers as well as the random special offers every rental company regularly runs.

    If you do find a particularly good deal that’s only available for a limited time, go ahead and book it even if you don’t need the car just yet (as long as the restrictions work within the time frame that you’ll actually need the vehicle). Also, check the special offers section which can prove particularly valuable, especially if you plan on renting a car while abroad.

    Step 2 – Emerald Club

    To save even more with National Rental Car, join the Emerald Club. There are a number of benefits available to members including special leisure rates and a deal which gives you one free rental day for every 7 rental credits (this could be even more if you qualify for Emerald Club Executive). For regular renters, this can add up to significant savings over the course of a year. As an added bonus, you won’t have to wait in line at the counter to pick up your rental car. Although this won’t save money, it will cut down on the time and frustration associated with lengthy queues.

    Step 3 – Newspapers

    Like all other car rental agencies, National Rental Car advertises in a large number of newspapers and magazines. These ads will contain special offers that might not be available on their own website. By checking the newspaper regularly, you might be able to find some deals that you might not find online.

    Magazines will also have ads, especially in those that relate to travel. This could include in-flight magazines from airlines as well as those available from regular outlets. Since travelers often require rental cars, it’s a natural place to advertise and one where very good deals can tempt customers away from the company’s rivals. Look at these magazines carefully and you might be able to shave some money off your car rental price.

    Step 4 – Voucher Sites

    Many people don’t know about voucher sites but they can be a great resource for saving money on National Rental Car deals. There are many of these sites available online and they all perform the same function in that they offer free vouchers or reductions on a wide range products and services.

    Different voucher sites offer vouchers for different companies, so you might need to search through several. However, it’s well worth the investment of your time, since you can end up saving a significant amount on your auto rental price. You simply print off the voucher and present it when you make your booking or reservation to claim the discount.