• How to Get the Best Deal on a Hertz Rental Car

    If you are searching for a rental car, you may be interested in getting the best deal you can on a vehicle from Hertz rental car. Hertz rental car is one of the oldest and largest car rental companies today, with locations across the United States, Canada, and even Europe. With so many locations and resources at the company’s disposal, its no wonder they are able to offer some of the best discounts in the industry on their rental packages. Today you can save money without discount shopping by choosing Hertz rental car and following some of the guidelines listed below.

    Follow some of these general guidelines as you strive to get the best deal with Hertz rental car:

    • Join the Hertz #1 ClubThe Hertz #1 Club is an exclusive membership program offered by Hertz rental car that offers its members reward points, discounts, specialized concierge services, and more. Signing up is free. However, to access the best discounts you will be asked to pay a nominal membership fee. Once paid, the membership fee will quickly pay for itself as reward points can be redeemed for free rentals, discounts, and more.
    • Hertz.com as well as Consolidators such as Expedia and Travelocity – Hertz often has web only deals that provide significant savings over booking with a travel agent or over the phone. Consolidators like Expedia and Travelocity can also contain some deals as they negotiate with the rental providers for exclusive rates and then pass those savings onto the consumer.
    • Third Party Points and Rewards Programs – Some credit card companies and other merchants provide significant discounts on Hertz rental cars through points programs set up through their company. By using their products, you can earn points and discounts tapplicable on any Hertz rental purchase. Take advantage of these programs in addition to Hertz-provided discounts for ultimate savings.
    • Rent Economical Cars on the Weekends – Hertz often has weekend specials on small and compact car rentals. You can oftentimes realize significant cost savings by planning your trip to include the weekend, as mileage is usually free and rentals are usually available for low flat rates. By renting a fuel efficient car, you also save on gas, which provides more money for the trip itself.
    • Take Advantage of Weekly Rates- Rather than rent the car on a daily schedule, why not choose to rent on a weekly basis as rates are normally drastically reduced and mileage included for free.
    • Only Pay for Insurance you Need- To save as much money as possible, only pay for the comprehensive insurance you need on the vehicle. If you are an American Express cardholder, you are already offered extended rental insurance coverage, and many consumers’ current car insurance policies already include rental car insurance.

    Also, if you are a member of AAA Auto Club, you can receive a small discount off your total rental. If you are interested in saving money on a Hertz rental car, utilize some or all of the above mentioned tactics to realize your savings today.