• How to Get the Best Deal on a Budget Rental Car

    Budget Rental Car is one of the major names in car rentals, and it’s usually possible to find a great deal on a rental. Budget car rentals are competitively priced anyway, but there are ways to bring down the overall cost of hiring a vehicle. With a little creativity and discount shopping, you can find some excellent Budget car rental rates. This may take a little time, but your wallet will be very happy with the results.

    1. Website

    The first place to look for cheap Budget car rental is on the company website. Check it frequently before you book with them and become a regular visitor. You will find there’s a section dedicated to offering specials as well as some seasonal and weekly bargains.

    The specials can save you a great deal of money, especially if you’re traveling abroad. There will also be offers from partners. If you do find an excellent limited-time offer, don’t be afraid to book early. Taking advantage of an early price is a great idea even if you don’t need the car just yet. Budget will allow you to make reservations many months in advance.

    2. Frequent Renter

    Budget Rental Car rewards regular customers. If you use the service regularly, register with their frequent renter club. This will mean you can sail through the counter at an airport without having to fill in endless forms, and there will also be extra discounts available to you.

    The more you rent from Budget, the more you’ll eventually save. There are discounts for long-term rentals which are all available on the company website. If you use Budget Car Rental regularly, the savings can soon mount up. This also makes Budget a perfect choice for business use.

    3. Voucher Sites

    If you’re looking for the best deal on your Budget rental price, it’s always worth looking at other voucher sites. They’re a useful resource for many of your shopping requirements and should be regularly checked for Budget rental car deals. Different voucher sites deal with different companies, but all of them are dedicated to saving you money.

    When you find a voucher on a site for Budget Rental Car, all you need to do is print it out and present it in person or quote the number when you make your booking online or by telephone. The discount, often in the region of 10 per cent, will apply immediately.

    4. Newspapers

    Every car rental company advertises regularly. Offering specials through advertising really does help bring in business and it’s a good way for you to get the best deal on a Budget rental car, since some of the offers might not be available on the website.

    Look at your daily newspaper (especially on Sunday), paying particular attention to the sports and news sections. The ads will usually be ½ or ¼ page long, so they’re very visible. If there’s a really good deal, follow up on it as early as possible. Some promotional prices are limited to a specific number of customers.

    Car rental companies also regularly advertise in magazines, especially in-flight publications, as travelers often need to rent cars at airports. Pay attention to these advertisements as they can save you a lot of money and help you get the best Budget Rental Car deal, even when you’re flying.