• How to Get the Best Cheap Rental Car Rates

    Getting cheap rental car rates can be time consuming, but rewarding in the long-run. Searching the Internet can be an easy way to find cheapest car rental deals, but there are other options, especially for those who may not always have access to a computer, or even own a computer. 

    Car rentals may be needed for leisure or business travel, but sometimes may be needed when you don’t have access to your own vehicle due to a car accident, or long repair time. Some of the options below can assist you in finding cheap rental car rates, without having access to a computer: 

    • Coupons from frequent flyer miles. Belonging to an airline’s frequent flyer mileage program, you can receive extra car rental discounts for booking a flight with that particular airline. This program also has a feature of offering special rental car rates for just being a member of the frequent flyer club.
    • Coupons from past rentals. If you become a member of any rental car company. You not only get fast service, but sometimes free upgrades as well.
    • Receipts from movie tickets or grocery stores often have car rental advertisement and promotions with a specific car rental agency. These promotions feature special coupons on the back of the receipts offer the consumer daily or weekly low rental rates, or promotions for free rental days with a purchase.
    • Visit your local travel agency. They have access to numerous specials and promotions, and will be able to book the cheapest car rental reservation for you. They have access to a computer and can do the comparison shopping for you. At times, travel agencies also offer special promotions that are not offered online.
    • Pick up the phone and start calling the car rental companies that offer state-wide, nation-wide, or international services, depending on where you are going to travel. Many times, companies offer special promotions that are not necessarily advertised.
    • If your car is in for repair at an automotive repair center, ask them for a recommendation or referral to a rental car company. Many times local automotive repair centers have a special relationship with a particular local rental car company that an offer you the best deal.

    There are many different options for finding the best car rental rates. As the competition grows with rental car companies, so does the process of offering more promotions. This is a great benefit to the consumer, who has the option of shopping around for the best rates. Companies may offer different promotions in a variety of ways. This is why it is important to always look at all your options before making a final rental reservation.