• How to Get Rental Cars for Cheap

    Finding rental cars for cheap is probably a lot easier than you think. If you are getting ready for a trip and find yourself in need of a cheap rental car, following the steps below may help you to find the perfect rental car without busting your budget.

    Step 1: Look for Online Discount Quotes

    Try online discount travel sites to obtain discount quotes. This can be a good place to start. If you are able to be flexible on the dates you will be on your trip, this can help too. Try a variety of different dates. Rental cars are usually cheaper during the week.

    Step 2: Negotiate

    It is possible to negotiate the price of a rental car. This is never truer than if certain circumstances are causing a decline in rentals of a certain type of car. When you call the rental car agency, ask to speak to a manager and see if you can negotiate for a special deal. Often if it is raining, you can get convertibles for cheap or if a certain model is just not renting, the manager will probably offer it at a discount.

    Step 3: Waive the Insurance

    Most of the time, if you have full insurance coverage on your vehicle you are already covered when it comes to rental cars. You should find out if you have coverage that will extend to your rental car before you set out to rent one. If you do, then you can usually waive the insurance on your rental car. Once you have gotten the rental car company haggled down to a good price, tell them you have full coverage insurance and want to waive the offered insurance. You may need proof, so be prepared to show them a copy of your current insurance policy.

    Step 4: Ask Questions

    Now that you have your base price down to a reasonable amount for your budget, you need to ask the rental car clerk questions that will insure the price doesn’t go up due to hidden costs. Make sure you ask what the maximum mileage for the day is. There usually is one. Ask if you will have to pay an extra fee, and the actual amount, for dropping the vehicle off in a different location if you plan to do that. Ask how much of a penalty you will have to pay if you are late, so you will know what you are facing in the event of a traffic jam.

    Step 5: Keep it Clean

    Many rental cars make a profit by charging a cleaning fee. Keep the rental car spotless throughout your trip. It is a good idea to give it a good vacuum before returning it to the agency.

    Step 6: Fill the Tank Up

    The rental car agency will ask you to return the car with the same amount of gas it had originally. This is very important. If you return it to the agency with less gas than you left with, they will charge you a fee for each gallon of gas they have to put back into the vehicle. It is much cheaper to stop at the gas station on your way back to the agency and take care of it yourself.