• How to Get a AAA Discount on a Rental Car

    Getting a AAA discount on a rental car is just one of the many benefits of being a AAA member. All of the major rental car companies offer a standard discount to AAA members and AAA has partnered with Hertz to offer even bigger discounts and benefits  to their members.

    AAA Membership

    While AAA is available across the country, each state has their own branch. You join the AAA club of the state that you live in but your benefits are available in any state you happen to be in. There are numerous benefits to AAA membership in addition to the standard roadside assistance. AAA offers maps, travel services, and discounts on hotels, rental cars and hundreds of other partner businesses. AAA membership is priced reasonably and available benefits far outweigh the costs.

    AAA Discount

    All of the major rental car companies offer a standard discount to all AAA members. It is often around 10%. You simply show your AAA when booking the car or at the counter when you pick it up. If you are booking online there is a discount code that you can use. This code can be found simply by typing AAA in the search box at the rental car companies website. You will be asked for your AAA card # so be sure to have it handy.


    AAA has made Hertz its exclusive partner when it comes to rental cars. Hertz offers AAA members a number of additional benefits that are not available at other rental companies. The listing below was taken directly from AAA.com and is just a partial list of the benefits that Hertz offers. Check your local AAA site to see a full listing of benefits offered by Hertz.

    • Guaranteed best rate available at time of reservation when booked on AAA.com
    • Free unlimited mileage on most rentals
    • No charge for additional drivers who are also AAA members and meet standard rental qualifications
    • No Saturday night keep required to qualify for lower weekly rates
    • Free use of one child, infant or booster seat
    • No airline ticket required to qualify for low weekly rates
    • Exclusive, increased discounts

    Other Hertz Benefits

    During the year Hertz will offer AAA members additional benefits and discounts. AAA members can also receive a yearly membership in Hertz Club Gold as well as receive emails detailing these additional offers.

    Book Online

    You will need to book your Hertz rental car on AAA.com to get the full benefit of the discount. The AAA website is very easy to use and booking online can be convenient and a real time saver.

    Additional Benefits

    In addition to rental cars AAA members can also receive discounts on RVs, vans, trucks and even trailers. Car repair, car insurance and even bus tours are discounted for AAA members.

    AAA memberships help you save money on many goods and services. Members receive a discount from most of the major rental companies as well as additional discounts from Hertz.