• How to Find National Rental Car Locations Online

    Finding National rental car locations online is an extremely simple process. The whole process of making a reservation can take a matter of minutes. It is always a smart idea to book your car in advance so that when you arrive at the airport you can just to the National car rental counter and pick up your keys.

    • The first step is to go to their website: National Car Rental. This can be done by just clicking the link or by going to Google and typing in National Car Rental.
    • From there, to find locations to where you will be flying or traveling to, click on the locations tab up on the top of the screen in the second row of tabs.
    • It will now bring you to a search page where you can select city, airport code, state or even country in the first drop down menu. Then you can enter a search term such as “New York City” for city, or “Michigan” for state, etc. Click the “Search Now” button.
    • The search results will now be shown below. For example, a New York City search nets in six results. These results have the addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, as well as hours of business for each location.
    • From the same page, you can select the place you want to reserve a car at. Hit the “Go Reserve” button. This will take you to a page where you can fill in some information such as your pick up time, location, your flight information, as well as if you have any coupon codes.