• How to Find Car Rental Coupons Online

    Finding car rental coupons online can be a simple task to save you some money. Car rental companies are all competing against each other for your business. They are all trying to be the “best price,” but only one company technically has the best price. Many of these companies offer coupons, and by searching the Internet you can find a bevy of coupons for many different companies. You can stay at home, and still save money.

    Step 1: Search

    You should first run a Google search for different sites that offer car rental coupons. Two of the top finds are RetailMeNot and rentalcarmomma.com. Both of these sites allow you to find coupons.

    Step 2a: Find Coupons on Retail Me Not

    On RetailMeNot, you can search specifically in two different ways. First, if you already know the car rental company you want, you can type their website into the top search bar. Then you will get a list of coupons for that site, as well as a user rating in the form of a percentage of success. The other way to search is by going to the right side of the homepage and typing in car rental. You will see a list of all the coupons available for car rental companies. You can either “click to claim” or copy down the code and use it later. Step 2b: Find Coupons on Rental Car Momma

    On this site, there are banners for different car rental companies linked to coupons. You can also search for car rental locations that are in your area, and not just in the United States. They also have links for Canada, as well as Europe.