• How to Find Avis Rental Car Locations Online

    Avis online makes it simple and quick to find the nearest Avis Rent a Car. In most locations there is an Avis just a short drive away. Finding the closet Avis is just one of many things you can do on the Avis website. Here is a quick rundown of avis.com.

    Find a Location

    If you are looking for the closet Avis, simply click on Locations. This allows you to choose the country, city or state that you want to search. The site also allows you to set a search zone parameter of up to 100 miles from the central area you’re searching. When you have filled in all of the relevant information and click Find, you will be given a listing of search results.

    Location Results

    The search results will show the the location and details of all the Avis locations that meet your criteria. A map showing exactly where they’re located makes it easy to choose the closet location to you. The details include a complete address, phone number and hours of operation. Click on Get Directions for turn by turn directions from your house or business. It will also let you know if the location has Avis preferred service.

    Make a Reservation

    When you have found a location near you, reserving a vehicle is as easy as clicking on Make a Reservation. Pick your departure and return date, and the type of vehicle that you’re interested in. Choosing any options such as a GPS, child seat or supplemental insurance that you need. Entering your personal and payment information are the final steps before making your reservation.

    Member Programs

    You can also sign up for any of the member programs that Avis offers, as well change your personal information and preferences.

    Avis.com is an easy to use website that allows you to find Avis locations, make reservations and join member programs.