• How to Determine if your Child Safety Seat works in a Rental Car

    Your child safety seat is the most important thing to consider before renting a car. An important question should be asked: “Will my child safety seat fit properly to the rental car?’’ People usually test child safety seats to see if it is compatible with their cars before purchase, but with a rental car, the answer needs to be found. Simply put, your child’s safety seat may not fit well in the car you are thinking of renting for the trip. So how can one know for sure that their child safety seat will not just work on a rental car, but also allow proper assembly to ensure infant safety?

    • Look for Answer Online -There are resources to help you online. Internet sites like CarSeatData.org have all the vehicle car seat information you can possibly think of. However, there are times you may bump into a dead end—no data available for your query. This rarely happens but if you are confronted with such a challenge, all you need do is search the Internet some more. With just a little patience, you will definitely come across the answer. Always remember not to gamble with the safety of your child, search for that information.
    • Check Manufacturer Specifications – Manufacturers strive to come out with universal child safety seats that are compatible with all car models. Some child safety seats, like Britax Regent, car seat wont fit into every vehicle. If you have a Britax Regent, you must first consider this as a priority your infant’s safety. All child safety seats come with specifications that should assist you whenever you need to travel in a rented car. It is also possible to contact the manufacturer to determine if your child safety seat would work with the specific car model. Many such manufacturers have a rich database of various cars that are compatible with every single child safety seat they have. Don’t underestimate the knowledge of your local child safety seat retailers, they could also be of great help.
    • Contact Rental Company – The struggle to make profits among car rental companies has never been more competitive than it is today. Today’s car rental companies usually keep a whole range of child safety seats for hire. They could tell which child safety seat will fit absolutely well with the motor vehicle you want. In addition, it is possible they may carry your type of child safety seat.
    • Word of Mouth – Information travels like the air we breathe. Word of mouth can really come handy in helping you rent a car that would be good for you. This should, however, be your last option because you won’t like to base the safety of your child on guesswork. When it comes down to child safety seats, there are too many variations of car models and years. There are also too many child seats available out there. To add insult to injury, there is no one-way of installing a child car seat. Try not to accept any word on the street as an authoritative answer unless you are speaking to people with specific experience.