• How to Decide Which Rental Car Company to Use

    The major car rental companies such as Hertz Rental Car, Budget and Enterprise all compete for your business. As would be expected, the rental car company you choose will combine reliability with good customer service. You should also be able to save money in the process, whether that is due to long term renting or a beneficial rate structure. The first thing to do when looking for a rental car is to do a quick online comparison. You may not be able to obtain a final quote online, though. When you factor in insurance, taxes and fees, the final price you pay usually goes up.  

    Choosing Between Rental Car Companies

    At first glance, most rental car companies may appear to be identical. They all offer cars, trucks and SUVs for rent by the day, week or month. However, they are not all the same. Their similarities are many, but so are their differences. While their prices may be competitively similar, they differ in areas of customer service and special offers. While price might be your biggest consideration, it could very well be the special benefits of renting from a particular company that  makes up your mind. 

    Special Benefits

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car, for instance, has the standing offer of picking you up and/or dropping you off at a location up to a certain distance from their office. This is very convenient for some customers who might have a hard time making it to pick up their car. 

    Another benefit is a free upgrade. Should the location not have the class of vehicle you reserved, a good bit of customer service is to offer the next highest class of vehicle at no extra charge. Little things like that keep customers coming back. 


    Other companies such as Budget offer discounts when you reserve and pay online. This cuts down on their labor costs, so they can in turn transfer some of those savings to you. Budget also offers fast, no-line service that allow frequent renters to bypass the crowd and get right in their rental. 

    Group and Business Rates

    Many rental car companies offer group rates for 5 or more vehicles. All of them offer special benefits for corporate accounts. Hertz, for example, offers up to a 20% discount on business travel rental rates. Car rental companies cater to high-volume clients and offer correspondingly discounted prices to keep their business. 

    Rental Choices

    Enterprise has 14 different classes of vehicles available for rent, from economy to large SUVs and cargo vans. Hertz has half as many categories, but they offer green vehicles that get better gas mileage. 

    The Company Right for You

    Ultimately, the rental car company that is right for you will be the one who provides you with reliable service and a fair price that does not fluctuate from the initial quote. You may be inclined to rent from the company that always seem to have the car you reserved on hand. The company that will upgrade you free of charge if they don’t have the car you reserved is another selling point. Last but not least, rental price will speak volumes. Companies that cater to business associates tend to charge higher rates. If you are looking for a car for a weekend getaway, you probably want something more affordable. 

    Before you decide on a rental car company, look into their rates, benefits and customer service history. You will likely have different needs than other customers, so look for a company that meets yours.