• How to Apply for Car Rental Accident Insurance

    You’re getting ready to go on vacation and you want to make sure you have enough accident insurance in case you have an accident while driving the rental car. There are 4 ways to insure yourself while driving a rental car. This article will talk about those ways.

    Current Insurance Policy

    The easiest way to ensure that you have adequate accident insurance while driving a rental car, is to call your current provider.  Either contact the company or call your agent if you have one. Read your policy to see if it specifically excludes rental cars. If rentals aren’t excluded, find out what coverage limitations and amounts apply to rentals. If necessary, ask how much it would cost to temporarily add extra rental insurance.


    There are a number of online insurance companies that can provide you with temporary rental car accident insurance. One of the least expensive of these is TripInsurance with rates as low as $9 a day.

    Added to Contract

    Probably the most expensive way to ensure adequate accident insurance is to buy it when you rent the car. Every major rental car agency offers insurance as an extra to your rental contract. But this is very expensive, with rates as high as $30 a day in most instances.

    Use Your Credit Card

    Most people aren’t aware of this, but the 3 major credit card companies all provide limited accident insurance coverage when the car is rented using your credit card. This is one of the provisions of the “Buyer Protection Programs” they all have in place. Call your card issuer for full details.

    Nobody should rent a car without knowing whether they have adequate accident insurance coverage in case the worst happens. This article has provided you with 4 ways to ensure that you’re adequately covered when driving a rental car.