• Do Rental Cars Require Specific Kinds of Child Safety Seats

    All parents are required by law to have the correct child safety seats installed in the back of a vehicle. Rental car companies are not obliged to provide them directly. They are required to offer them as part of a rental package but it is the responsibility of the person renting the car to rent the seat as well. Child safety seats greatly improve the welfare of children and increase the capabilities of seat belts. Rental car companies offer a whole variety of different child safety seats.

    Rearward facing baby seats

    Rearward facing baby seats should be rented for children up to an age of 15 months old. They can be fixed into the front or back seat of a rented car but it is usually safer to put them in the back. Do not consider putting them in the front if the passenger side has a safety air bag. These seats are suggested by rental companies as a way of protecting a baby’s head, neck and spine during a collision. Safekids is a website that provides basic safety information that should be displayed to you by a rental company when you are trying to rent a car.

    Forward facing child seats

    A forward facing child seat is the most commonly used model in infant safety while driving. These seats will be used for children up to the age of four. They will come with large braces that will strap a child down and minimize their movements during a journey. This allows an adult to perform safe driving without having to worry about the child being secure in the back of the car. SaferChild is a good website that you can use to get an idea of the sort of questions that a rental company should be able to answer for you.

    Booster seats

    Booster seats with booster cushions are the final type of seat that a rental company should offer to you when you are looking to rent a car. They can be used for children up to eleven years of age. Unlike the other seats, there is no harness that holds the child in place. The safety belt in the car is the only form of strapping and support. These seats are quite large so it will be difficult to find a rental company that keeps a regular supply of them in their rentals. Carseat is a web page that a lot of rental companies often link to when you would like a baby seat.

    Rental cars will provide sound and solid information on a number of baby car seats that are available. They are not obliged to fix a baby seat into a car but may offer it as an extra rental to go with the main vehicle. An increasing number of rental companies offer specific kinds of baby seat in order to accommodate the needs of many parents across the country. However, the responsibility for the rental companies is simply to make it an option and they are under no obligation to provide them. The parent has the final say on what car they want and what seat should go with it.