• Car Rental Companies that offer GPS Units

    Many of the car rental companies offer GPS units in their cars. Getting around while you’re on vacation is important, and having a GPS can get you where you want to go in a time efficient manner. Car companies normally offer GPS for a small fee that is well worth the price. Here are some of the companies that offer GPS, and their rates.

    • Hertz: Hertz offers a GPS unit for about $12 per day. They also allow you to save trips online and then transfer them to the GPS device via a USB flash drive. This speeds up the time it takes to input the information.
    • Avis: Avis Where2 offers Garmin GPS units that can also act as your bluetooth with hands-free phone systems. Their GPS units offer step by step voice directions. Budget car rental uses the same system.
    • National: National also uses Garmin GPS systems. It uses a touchscreen, and has auto location equipped on it, which automatically calculates the route to anywhere you want to go. The GPS internal map also has a bevy of locations of restaurants, ATMs, gas stations and tourist attractions. Alamo car rental also uses this system.
    • Enterprise: Enterprise has made their own GPS, which is a customized version of a Garmin GPS. It mixes the features of both the Avis and the National GPS systems. It has text to speech directions, and can also function as the bluetooth. 

    Most companies offer GPS units, and the price is pretty consistent at around $10 to $12 per day. One thing to be aware of is that if you lose or damage the GPS, they will charge you for the replacement and also a penalty.