• Best Deals on a Car Rental in Florida

    Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or anywhere in between, it’s easier to find a rental car in Florida than it is in a lot of places. But which of the myriad of companies has the best deals? With so many choices it may seem a bit daunting. With this article you should easily be able to narrow down your search.

    National Franchises

    When renting from a larger national company, the city your agency is located within has a large impact on how much you end up paying. Even within the same company, such as Enterprise, the rates are surprisingly different depending on location. For a daily rental of an economy, midsize or full size car, Enterprise in Orlando offers the lowest rates, while it is about 40% less to rent a minivan in Ft. Lauderdale. Renting an economy car on a weekly contract will cost you 60 to 65% less at Enterprise in Orlando, versus the same rental at Hertz in Dania. Enterprise in Miami is the place to go for a midsize SUV, where you’ll pay approximately 40% less than if you rent from Avis in Ft. Lauderdale.


    If you happen to be traveling in or anywhere near Pensacola, you’ll definitely want to stop by Guardian Rent-A-Car. Their rates beat every major national franchise in the area by more than 50% for their daily rentals. Other local agencies, such as Champion Rent-A-Car in Miami and Priceless Rent-A-Car in Fruitland Park, offer similarly low rates in comparison, but none quite beat Guardian. For weekly rentals it really depends on what type of vehicle you rent. Champion and Guardian charge almost the same rates, within a few dollars, for an economy car or a minivan. For a full size, however, it’s Priceless that will save you the most money.

    While researching companies, be sure to ask the various agencies you contact whether they offer state deals or not. This may end up saving you even more money. Making a reservation for car rentals in Florida online also presents the opportunity to save in the form of promotional discounts and coupons.