• Average Weekly Cost of a National Rental Car

    Purchasing a National rental car can make life convenient when traveling. Rather than worry with an auto purchase for such situations, National rental car gives you many options for selecting the type of vehicle you prefer, just when you need it. Weekly costs vary depending upon which style of vehicle you select and what upgraded features pertain to your situation.

    Average Weekly Rates

    Average weekly costs for a National rental car range from around $150 all the way up to about $1,500. National has several car categories from which to choose the best vehicle for your trip and lifestyle. An economy car, which is small but offers great mpg is the cheapest option. A standard sized hybrid automobile costs about $350 per week and a 2-door convertible will be around $450. Pickups start at about $600 per week and a full-sized 15 passenger van is available for nearly $1,500. These costs reflect only the base price of rental without additional fees for options or upgrades.

    Options and Upgrades

    Once you have chosen the best National rental car for your budget, you may opt for additional services and features offered with the purchase. This company not only suggests added insurance and roadside assistance, but they offer GPS, infant and toddler seats and upfront fuel options as well. Each of these will be an added expense toward your car rental, but may prove worthwhile and convenient for your trip. Keep in mind that you will also be required to pay for mandatory state and local car rental taxes, as well as recovery fees for the vehicle.