• Average Weekly Cost of a Hertz Rental Car

    As with any car rental company, a Hertz rental car comes with perks, extras and certain features, depending upon the package you choose to buy. This company offers several different types of cars and many upgrades for the service. Average weekly costs will vary, depending upon your selection and preference. If you travel often and are in need of a vehicle, use of a rental car agency may be a more convenient and economic choice than a new auto purchase for this reason.


    Choosing a vehicle from one of the Hertz rental car collections gives you more of an option on which vehicle you prefer to drive. For example, the Green Collection offers an environmentally friendly automobile that will provide good mpg, where the Fun Collection provides a range of convertibles, coupes and SUVs. You still have the option to rent a vehicle by size, including compact, mid-size, standard and full size; or premium, luxury, SUV or van.

    Average Weekly Cost

    The average weekly cost for a Hertz rental car ranges from about $150 up to about $325. This is the cost for the car rental only, and doesn’t take into consideration any extras like insurance, trip planning, toll convenience options or upgraded radio. Cost of the car rental does depend upon the size and style of the vehicle you select. An economy car, such as a Hyundai Accent or similar, is the cheapest option for rental. Luxury vehicles and SUVs become more expensive, and full-sized pickup truck rentals are generally the most expensive of the options.