• Average Weekly Cost of a Enterprise Rental Car

    An Enterprise rental car can come in handy when you need a vehicle for a long trip or after arrival to a vacation or travel spot. Frequent travelers can benefit from using this type of service, rather than becoming concerned with a new auto purchase solely for travel purposes. Costs of car rental vary according to many factors, including vehicle type, upgrades and special program selections.

    Average Weekly Cost

    The average weekly cost of an Enterprise rental car will depend mostly upon the size and features of your selected vehicle. An economy car, such as a Chevy Aveo, gives you great mpg, but is the smallest of the options available. This car will cost an average of $125 to $150 per week. A minivan is priced at around $450 per week, and larger pickup trucks start at $1,000 weekly. Cargo vans, convertible cars and Hybrid SUVs are also available. These average costs reflect on the base price of rental and do not include any necessary fees, taxes or upgrades that you might decide to purchase.


    Enterprise rental car offers a program called Enterprise Plus. This program is free to join and offers you several conveniences when renting a car. You will enjoy faster reservations in person, over the phone and online since your member information will be saved. This includes your name, address and other contact info, as well as preferred payment method and any corporate account information. You may also be eligible for special lines at major airport locations, as well as discounts and coupon codes for future car rentals.