• Average Cost of a Sports Car Rental

    A sports car rental can be a pleasurable driving experience for most individuals. Since sports cars have several features that aren’t built into regular full sized cars, these car rentals are more expensive. There are many independent car rental companies that offer luxury car rentals on a wide variety of sports cars such as Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s, Porches’ and several others. The cost of the car rental is influenced by many factors. The location of pick-up, date of car rental, the type of sports car selected and vehicle availability are common factors that determine the cost of a luxury car rental.

    Average Cost of Rental

    On an average an independent car rental company would charge a daily rate of $900 to $4000. An additional per mileage charge is also added to the cost of the rental. This could range from $1 to $5 per mile. Most rental cars have a daily included mileage of 50 to 100 miles. There are also various package deals available over the weekend on car rentals of 3 or more days.

    Sports Car Rental Companies

    Since the average cost of a sports car rental varies according to state, customers should look up super pages by Yellow Pages to obtain a state-wise listing of car rental companies located in close proximity. Various websites also offer customers a statewide listing of luxury car rental companies, for example, the Exotic Car Rental Directory.

    The cost of car rental may not include add-on services, taxes and additional fees. It’s advisable to contact a reservation agent to inquire about these additional fees that could increase the total cost of the rental. Customers will also have to provide the necessary documentation such as valid driver’s license and credit card information at the time of reservation.