• Average Cost of a Luxury Car Rental

    You’re going on vacation soon and you’re considering a luxury car rental. You’ll be on vacation, so you want be able to pamper yourself and drive around in style and comfort. Luxury cars are perfect for this. Driving around in a luxury vehicle says that you have arrived, albeit temporarily. A luxury car is going to rent for much more than the economy car you drive at home because the luxury class carries a high base rate. This article will list the average prices you can expect to pay for a one week rental of a luxury car from 4 of the largest rental agencies in the country:

    1. Avis
    2. Hertz
    3. Enterprise
    4. National Rent A Car

    The following airports were used to obtain prices to use in calculating an average rental price:

    1. San Francisco International
    2. Los Angeles International
    3. Washington Dulles
    4. Dallas-Fort Worth
    5. Orlando, Florida.

    Avis Rent A Car

    At the Avis counter the amount you can expect to pay for 1 week of a Cadillac DTS luxury car rental is approximately $619.

    Hertz Rent A Car

    At Hertz, the average price for a Cadillac DTS rental for 1 week is approximately $633.

    Enterprise Rent A Car

    You can expect to pay an average of $618 when renting a luxury car from Enterprise car rentals.

    National Car Rental

    The average price for a luxury car rental from National Rent A Car is approximately $618.

    As you can see, average rental rates are fairly close between the 4 listed rental agencies. A luxury rental car is an expensive purchase, so if you aren’t visiting one of the listed cities, you should check with your agency of choice at your desired location.