• Advantages of Being a National Rental Car Member

    The National Rental Car company is known to provide one of the, if not the best services in car rentals. People from all over the globe contact them to avail of their services because of the many advantages that being a National Rental Car member offers. Here are some of those advantages.

    Wide Range of Vehicles to Choose From

    National Rental Car offers a myriad of different vehicles that you can choose from. This means that whatever needs that you have for renting a car such as if it is for business purposes or for personal use, you would be able to find a vehicle that can suit you. If you want to rent a car, you could choose from economy, compact, standard, standard hybrid mid-size, full size, luxury, premium and convertible. If you want to rent a larger vehicle, you could choose to a minivan, a mid-size SUV, a standard SUV, an SUV hybrid, a full size crossover, a premium crossover, a premium SUV, a full size SUV, a luxury SUV, a jeep, a pickup or a van. Their cars are also checked or inspected periodically to be sure that they are always in good condition.

    The Chance to Join the Emerald Club

    When you become a member of the Emerald club, you are automatically considered to be a preferred customer. As such, you would be able to enjoy numerous benefits such as the ability to bypass the counter as well as choose whatever car you want. This makes the whole process of renting a car faster and much more efficient. You would also be able to get an e-receipt with each rental you avail of, providing you with a record of your purchase right away without having to wait for an agent to provide it you. you would also have the opportunity to choose from rewards as well as earn miles or points.

    Locations All Over the Globe

    Being a global car rental company, National is able to provide the same level of service in all of their locations around the world.

    Excellent Customer Service

    National is also known to provide excellent customer service to all of their clients. First off, they have an easy-to-navigate website that offers all the information you would ever need for all of your car rental concerns. You could also get in touch with one of their customer service representatives if you want to know more about their services. All of their customer service representatives are friendly are ready to help you with whatever concern you have.

    Good Insurance Coverage

    The National Rental Car company offers excellent coverage on their vehicles as well. If you need some additional coverage, you can also avail of them at a small additional charge.

    Special Offers and Promotions

    National also offers seasonal sales promotions and other special deals from time to time. This could include unlimited mileage, free upgrades and more.

    A Preferable Company

    These are just some of the advantages of being a National Rental Car member can offer you. You can try comparing these to what the other car rental companies can offer and you would be able to find out why they are preferred by people from all over the globe.