• Advantages of Being a Hertz Rental Car Member

    Hertz Rental Car is a trusted and dependable car rental agency. Hertz rental car offers an additional discount program for those members who join their preferred customer club, “The #1 Club.” The #1 Club offers its members additional savings and discounts, seasonal discounts, and preferential treatment at a number of Hertz locations worldwide. There is a whole list of advantages for joining this inexpensive and worthwhile discount program.

    A list of the advantages to the #1 Club program offered by Hertz Rental Car is provided below:

    • Quick and Easy Rentals – Once you are a registered member for the #1 Club, your information is saved in the system. You simply have to log in with you account name and your personal information and payment type are automatically applied to your rental reservation.
    • Rental Archive – Once you are a rental member every rental that you make is stored in an online archive. You can search, print and reserve cars much faster by perusing your database of old rentals and choosing the appropriate locations. This is an especially handy feature for business travelers.
    • Additional Discounts – Club members reap the financial rewards of being part of an exclusive group by being offered discounts at various locations throughout the United States and Europe.
    • No-Stop Returns and Rentals – at 40 airport locations worldwide, Hertz offers pick up and return services right at your car to save you time and hassle.
    • Easy Check In – At any of Hertz’s over 1,000 locations worldwide, you can simply show your driver’s license to check in and go. No more waiting in line, signing paper after paper, or being late due to an overbooked rental counter.
    • One car class upgrade – If you are a Gold Member in the #1 Club, you will automatically be offered a one car class upgrade when you check into the rental counter. This is the equivalent of $50 to $100 in most cases.
    • Bonus Award Points – In addition to car class upgrades, you will also earn 10% more rewards points for being a Gold Five Star Member. These points are redeemable for additional rentals, car upgrades, and package add-ons.
    • Additional Discounts with Blackout Dates – Members also are subject to additional discounts and free rentals on certain dates, with some exceptions. Most holidays and other heavily traveled days are blacked out or unusable. However, members can still capitalize on savings during other travel times.
    • Guaranteed Availability – As a President’s circle member, you will be guaranteed vehicle availability, as well as one car class upgrades for every rental that you make.  You will also receive 25% bonuses on your reward points, qualifying you for even more discounts and free rentals.

    The #1 Club program for Hertz Rental Car is a worthwhile program to become a member of if you plan on doing a great deal of traveling or are a business traveler looking for additional discounts, rebates, and savings.