• Advantages of Being a Dollar Rent a Car Member

    Dollar Rent A Car is one of the leading and most reputable car rental companies in the market today. If you are planning a holiday and in need for a reliable mode of transportation, or if you are going on a business trip requiring a lot of travel, then renting a car through Dollar Rent a Car should give you the peace of mind and convenience you need. Here are some other advantages of signing up for their services.

    Low Rates

    First off, they offer the lowest everyday rates compared to the rates offered by the other car rental companies in the market.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    All of their employees and customer service representatives have been trained to provide the best support and service to all of their clients. They make sure they are able to attend to the specific needs of every customer to ensure the utmost level of convenience and practicality. You are automatically considered a preferred customer even if you have just started inquiring about their services.

    Safety Features

    All of their offered vehicles come with state-of-the-art safety features such as driver-side airbags. Most of their cars are also equipped with passenger-side airbags. They also offer child safety seats for infants and toddlers. There are also some car models which already have built-in child safety seats and child safety locks. Always inquire beforehand if you are looking for a specific safety feature on the car you are planning to rent.

    Vehicle Availability

    Because they have a significant number of vehicles available for rent, you can be sure when you need one, you would be provided with one. You will also have a wide range of choices as far as the car make or model is concerned. Dollar Rent A Car has car rental locations in suburban areas and in airports.

    Business Services

    Dollar Rent A Car understands the needs of individuals who are traveling for business purposes and because of this, they offer various business services such as mobile phones, facsimile capabilities and Internet services.


    Dollar Rent a Car makes sure their rental services are available for all individuals, even those who have a hearing disability. They have a toll-free number that hearing-impaired customers can call which allow them to type their requests for car rental reservations. They will also be provided with an immediate response from one of the Dollar agents.

    Fast Rental Car Return Process

    Because most of the locations of Dollar Rent A Car already make use of a computerized check-in system, returning a car is easy and quick. This ensures a more efficient process.

    Special Offers

    Aside from offering low rates, they also have special and seasonal sales from time to time. These can usually be found on their website.

    These are just some of the advantages of signing up for the car rental services offered by Dollar Rent A Car. If you are looking into renting a car for personal or business purposes, consider the services they offer and you might be surprised at the level of convenience.