• Advantages and Disadvantages of using National Rental Car

    Founded in 1947, the National Rental Car company continues to be a reputable name brand in the car rental industry. They are internationally recognized and primarily offer car rental services to airport customers. They have locations all over the world, including the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim, Latin America and Asia.

    A Wide Selection of Vehicles

    The National Rental Car company offers plenty of benefits to its customers, whether they need car rental services for personal or business purposes. First off, they offer a wide range of options for renting cars. If you are on a budget, you could choose to get the economy option. If you get this option, you could choose from sedans that have good gas mileage. You could also opt to get a hybrid car. This would be advisable particularly if you would be availing of the unlimited mileage feature. You could also choose to rent a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes or similar cars. With all these options and the myriad of vehicle choices you have, you should have an easy time choosing one that would fit your needs. Some of the other vehicle choices that they have include compact, midsize, standard, full size, premium and convertible cars, as well as minivans, midsize SUVs, standard SUVs, jeeps, luxury SUVs, pickups and vans. 

    Top Coverage

    They also offer good coverage for their cars. You would also have the option of availing of additional vehicle coverage, as you deem necessary. Additional coverage for the vehicle insurance could be availed of for just a minimal fee.

    Special Deals and Promotions

    If you visit their website, you would also be able to avail of their special deals and promotions such as discounts on weekly rentals, free upgrades and others. These are usually only available online so most people place their reservation online instead of calling up their hot-line. These offers would allow you to save or safe money on car rentals.

    The Emerald Club

    National also offers a program called the Emerald Club for individuals who frequently use their services. By becoming a member of the Emerald Club, customers are able to go through the process of placing a reservation and renting cars a lot faster.

    Phenomenal Customer Service

    They also offer exceptional customer service, as all of their employees have been trained to provide nothing but the best to all of their clients. You would also be able to place reservations, inquire about your booking and know more about special offers any time of the day, any day of the week through calling their customer service hot-line or visiting their website.

    An Expensive Alternative

    A disadvantage of the car rental services offered by National would be that they are slightly more expensive compared to the services offered by other car rental companies in the market. However, with the security, comfort and convenience that you would be getting, you would be able to realize that paying a little bit more is definitely worth it.

    One of the Best

    These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the car rental services of National. Try their services today for your business and personal needs and you would find out why they are one of the most popular names in car rental services.