• Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Expedia Rental Car Packages

    An Expedia rental car package is a popular option many travelers choose. Like any travel company, Expedia has disadvantages detailed in the fine print and advantages popular to consumers, like online maps with a store locator.

    Advantages of Using Expedia Rental Car Packages

    Expedia works with the best-known car rental companies and is able to offer some of the best prices. In fact, Expedia is so confident that it has the best price around that the company offers a $50 gift certificate to anyone who books through them and finds a better deal within 24 hours of placing a reservation. Expedia also has a loyalty program and a protection plan that includes events associated with hurricanes.Another perk of using an Expedia car rental package is that person that uses them for their travel needs can use the company’s website to attain maps and driving directions. Driving directions are available for locations throughout North American and Europe.

    Disadvantages of Using Expedia Rental Car Packages

    Expedia may not always have the best car rental package price. You might find that calling a car rental company directly will save you more money than having Expedia broker the transaction. The reason for this is that the rental company won’t have to pay Expedia finder’s fees, therefore passing the savings to the consumer. Expedia does offer a protection or insurance plan to its customers, but this plan only covers those who are residents of the United States and Canada. International customers are going to have to use other means to acquire trip insurance. Expedia offers travel package deals, like car rentals, to try to save travelers their hard-earned cash. Before booking a reservation, make sure you know the details of services available to you.