• Advantages and Disadvantages of using Enterprise

    With so much competition between car rental companies, it can be useful to have some knowledge of Enterprise to allow you to understand why they should or should not be considered. Bearing a few important aspects about the car rental firm in mind will assist you in making a decision on whether they are suitable for your driving requirements. Below are some advantages and disadvantages to renting with Enterprise.


    An advantage that can be gained from using Enterprise is they can suit all of your possible car rental needs due to the wide range of vehicles they hold within their fleet. Whether you require a small car or a multi-person vehicle, they will have an option to suit you. In addition, having a preference for either an automatic or manual car will not be a barrier, as the company will usually provide a choice.

    Age Restrictions   

    One aspect of renting a car through Enterprise that could possibly prove as a disadvantage is the fact they apply age restrictions for the use of certain cars. Though most car rental companies will only rent to those over a certain age, this firm also has exceptions in respect of certain classes of vehicle. Those of a young age will not be able to rent high-end or powerful cars.


    Knowing that you are using a car rental firm that has many years experience can give you great peace of mind. As a recognizable name that has spread widely throughout many locations across several countries, the company is convenient and easy to use. The wide-ranging network will also ensure their fleet of cars are properly taken care of well so you are sure to obtain a reliable car.

    Long-Term Rental Benefits

    Finding that you can benefit from savings if you rent for a longer period when you only require a car for a short period can be very frustrating. While Enterprise undertakes special offers to provide a reduced rate for a certain period of rental, they may often be unwilling to show flexibility if you fall short of this time period, and will not pass on the savings because you do not fully comply with the terms.

    Furthermore, in order to gain regular benefits, you will need to join their Members’ Benefit Program. This will require you to provide contact details, leaving yourself open to the possibility of the company regularly getting in touch with you, using cold calling operatives.

    If you need to rent a car over an extended period, you may find special offers will allow you to make savings. If your business regularly makes use of rental cars, it would be prudent to consider a corporate account to determine what savings and benefits can be gained from this route.  


    Though the many locations can be convenient, especially when you have a busy schedule, you may find it a disadvantage that there is not an option of having a car delivered to you. If you unexpectedly find yourself without a car, it can make life a lot easier to have one brought to you, but this would not be a possibility with Enterprise.