• Advantages and Disadvantages of using Alamo

    Vacation time is coming up and you’re not sure if the safe money is to go with Alamo, Hertz, Avis or another national rental car company. There are approximately 15 different national and international rental car companies.  There is also an indeterminate number of local rental car companies to choose from. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Alamo car rental on your next trip.


    Number of Locations

    Alamo rent A Car is available at all of the major airports across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. Alamo also has a presence in over 30 countries in Europe, 7 countries in the Caribbean, Australia and many other countries in Africa and Asia. Larger countries will have more locations. For example, there are locations in over 50 in Australia.

    Pricing Specials

    Alamo runs a number of weekday specials throughout the year. Some of these specials include the ongoing $15 discount. They also have a special savings of $25 when renting for a full week.  Pre-paying will save you and additional 10% after any other discounts are taken. The Soak Up the Sun Special is good for a 15% discount in certain vacation destinations.  Alamo also runs what they call Last Minute Specials.  These special prices are for those traveling within the next few days that haven’t made reservations yet. There are also a few other specials available on the website.

    Quicksilver Club

    The Quicksilver Club is for people who do a good amount of traveling and renting and wish to save time. Being a member of the club makes it quicker and easier to reserve and rent cars. You will also get an additional 10% discount off the regular rates as a member. Every now and then Alamo will run very special club only pricing, also. The last benefit of club membership is being able to skip the counter and use the self-serve kiosk at Alamo rental locations across the world.

    Business and Corporate Programs

    Alamo Car Rentals has a number of business related programs which can save you time and money. The Government/Military Program offers big discounts to on or duty military personnel as well as government employees. The 2 Business Programs, 1 for the United States, the other for Canada, offer guaranteed year round low rates, special business customer only offers with no volume commitments required. The Corporate Program offers volume discounts, Express Return service and many other benefits. There are also programs for large and small groups, conventions and large organizations.


    Smaller Fleet of Cars

    Alamo has a smaller of fleet of cars than the bigger rental companies. What this means is that you may not always be able to rent the exact make and model of car that you want when traveling.

    Slightly Higher Base Prices

    At most airports, Alamo has slightly higher base prices than their larger competitors. These higher prices can usually be offset with special pricing.

    Alamo is a worldwide rental company with offices in over 100 countries. It is smaller than a few other rental companies and so will have a slightly smaller selection and higher prices. Reading this article has given you an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of using Alamo next time you travel.