• Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting a Convertible

    When renting a convertible, be aware that there are both pros and cons to renting them. It may seem like an easy choice when you are on vacation, but there can be some pitfalls you may not realize.


    • Convertibles are an extremely fun drive. Most of the luxury convertibles now have steptronic transmissions. This means that there are both automatic and manual transmissions. You can choose what you want, but the manual transmission is much more fun, as it is “clutch-less”. There is no need to clutch, but you get to switch gears. Some convertibles have paddle shifters, which are on the steering wheel just like Formula One racing cars.
    • Convertibles translate to style. There is no car like a convertible when the top is down. No matter where you go, people stop and look at you. 
    • Convertibles today come with retractable roofs. This is a key feature because years ago you would have to manually put the top up, and that takes time. Most of the new convertibles today have motors that power the tops. This is an important feature to have in case an unexpected rainstorm hits while you are driving and need to put the top up quick.
    • When the top is down, there is no blind spot whatsoever. You can easily turn your head to check the lanes near you.


    • Convertibles can have reduced rear visibility. When the top is up, it creates a terrible blind spot on both sides. This makes it tough to switch lanes and back out of spaces.
    • As great as convertibles are, if you are on vacation in a humid climate and renting a convertible, you may not enjoy it that much. Although there is wind blowing while the top is down, if it is hot air, it may not feel that great. It is often too hot when you put the top down, even if you blast the air conditioner. If you get caught in any traffic, you will want to put the top up because sitting there with the 100 degree sun beating down on you can be extremely uncomfortable.
    • When renting a convertible, be aware the price will be more than any other luxury car they will offer (that is a comparable car at least). Convertibles are luxury sports cars, and since car rental companies know that many people want one when on vacation, they bump up the price a bit.
    • Getting a convertible may force you to buy car rental insurance. There are some problems with a convertible that can potentially happen. First, if you leave the top down and a sudden sun shower starts while in a museum or at a theme park, the car’s interior will get ruined and you will be on the hook for that. Another possible event, although much rarer, is a break in. With a convertible, all it takes is a knife to slash the top cover to reach in.

    Overall, if you are on vacation and renting a convertible, it should be an enjoyable experience. Just be aware there can be some downsides.