• 8 Reasons to Rent International before Leaving the US

    When it comes to car rental, there are many reasons to rent international before leaving the US. Planning ahead can result in a successful and enjoyable trip abroad, without the last minute hassle of transportation. Renting ahead of time has its own benefits and it’s essential to take these tips into consideration before traveling overseas. 

    1. It allows for more time to research car rental companies and choose one that offers the lowest basic fare.
    2. It’s economical. Reservations made ahead of time are often eligible for discounted or lowered rates.
    3. It saves money. You can book in US dollars and hence you don’t lose out on currency conversion rates.
    4. It gives you a wider choice. You don’t arrive tired at your destination and enter the first agency office you spot. You can browse the Internet or call various companies and select the one that suits your needs the best.
    5. It earns you discounts. If you choose a US company that you’ve used before, you get loyalty discounts.
    6. You are better prepared. You are informed about the documents that you would need, such as the International Driving Permit, and arrange for the same in the event that you don’t already have them.
    7. You can arrange when and where you would like to pick up the vehicle, thus easing the stress of traveling.
    8. It’s safer. You’re less likely to be cheated or confronted with hidden clauses. Also, you aren’t likely to face problems like language barriers, exchange rates that change constantly and cultural differences that could make the experience of renting a car difficult. 

    It’s also beneficial to read the local laws regarding traffic regulations and road conditions, to ensure personal safety. Travelers should also determine if their regular insurance covers international car rental and make arrangements for additional coverage if necessary.