• 5 Ways to Avoid Luxury Car Rental Scams

    Avoiding scams with your luxury car rental is actually quite easy once you know what to look out for. Car rental companies employ a number of techniques to squeeze as much money out of you, the customer, as they possibly can. In reality, they are simply enforcing their rules and regulations more strictly than they ever have before, occasionally to an even greater degree than their policies actually dictate.

    1. If you happened to pick up or drop off the vehicle a little bit later than scheduled, most companies used to let it slide. Now the extra 10 minutes you spent stuck in traffic is one of their biggest money makers. Be sure to pick up and return your rental at or before the time you scheduled or they will charge you.
    2. If your travel plans change for any reason, be sure to let the rental agency know as soon as you possibly can. Failure to pick up your vehicle on the contracted day will result in them charging you a “no show” fee.
    3. Take pictures of your rental before signing the initial paperwork and again when you return the car. Make note of any and all damage on your rental form to avoid being asked to pay for someone else’s mistakes.
    4. Most companies will try to sell you additional insurance that you may not need. If you already have car insurance, be sure that your policy provides enough coverage for your rental. If not, check the prices of rental insurance through your credit card company, as most now offer this service at a fairly discounted rate.
    5. Return the car with a full tank of fuel. Not just full, top it off as much as you can. Do this immediately before returning the car, so as to use the least amount of fuel possible on your way to the agency. Some companies will charge a refueling fee if the gauge’s needle isn’t at or above the ‘F’ mark. Be sure to keep your receipts in case you need to prove that you did fill it up.

    Car rentals don’t have to be an inconvenience or cost you extraneous amounts of money. By keeping yourself informed you’ve already given yourself the tools to avoid either.