• 4 Travel Sites that Offer Rental Car Packages

    Upgrading online ticket purchases to include rental car packages is a great way to save money and to remove a step from your travel arrangements. If you need to rent a car when you arrive at your destination, it only makes sense that you would arrange for it before you leave. Doing so through one of the many travel sites just makes the process that much easier. With any of the 4 travel sites detailed here, you can add a rental car to your flight booking quickly and easily. You can even add a hotel room if you need to. 

    4 Travel Sites that Offer Rental Car Packages

    These sites are among the most popular, but they’re not the only 4 that have such offers. They are, however, known for their easy-to-navigate online booking procedure and the many choices that they offer. 

    • Travelocity.com: This is one of the best known and easiest to use of the travel sites. When you first visit their site, a tab immediately opens to get started booking your trip. You’re presented with the options of flight and hotel, flight and hotel and car, or just hotel and car. You can also choose each individually. After you indicate your travel locations, dates and the number of travelers, you move onto the next page to pick departing and returning flights. You choose the best flights for your schedule then move on to pick either just a hotel or a hotel and car. The downside to Travelocity is that you cannot pick flight and car from the onset. 
    • Expedia.com: Very similar to Travelocity.com, Expedia.com offers a similar greeting when you visit the site. What is immediately noticeable is that you have the option of picking just a flight and a rental car in a package. The trip planning tab even lets you choose the type of rental car you want, whether economy, standard or luxury. You’re routed to the screen where you pick your flights. Then you will choose your rental car after reviewing the flight details. Expedia.com offers Budget and Hertz rental cars. You pick which company and which type of car you want to rent and proceed to checkout. 
    • Orbitz.com: As with the previous two sites, when you first visit Orbitz.com, you are instructed to pick out your travel dates as well as indicate what kind of package you want. Like Expedia.com, you can choose ‘Flight + Car.’ Through Orbitz.com, however, you can choose from the full range of rental car firms. If you enjoy renting from a particular agency, Orbitz.com gives you the most options. 
    • Hotwire.com: Like Travelocity.com, this travel planning website does not offer a package for flight and rental car only. You are limited to choosing ‘Flight + Hotel + Car.’ Other than that, it’s almost identical in scope to the other three. Rental car companies available to you from Hotwire.com include Alamo, Hertz, Budget and Enterprise, among others. 

    When you’re going on vacation or traveling for business, any one of these 4 sites can help you build a travel package that suits, although only two offer you the choice of just booking a flight and a car. However, assuming most travelers need to book accommodations, it seems natural that you would want to take care of it in one package. With such a package you will save both time and money.