• 4 Top Causes for an International Car Rental Accident

    There are a variety of reasons for a car rental accident, and these reasons can multiply when you are driving a rental car internationally. Driving in unfamiliar territory and on different roads can take some practice, and when you couple these changes with driving a vehicle that may be new to you, your risk for an accident can be can be great. This guide highlights some common causes for an international car rental accident:

    1. Unfamiliar Driving Conditions: When driving in a foreign country, you may experience driving conditions and driving styles different than those experienced in your home country. Before you embark on an international car rental, you should visit the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website. You can research security threats in addition to any unique driving instructions for the country you are visiting. Some common unfamiliar conditions include speeds posted in kilometers per hour, signs in foreign languages and aggressive driving tactics.
    2. Right-Hand Drive Roads: When visiting a right-hand drive country, there are many driving styles that you must change. Suddenly it is right turns that require right-of-way and crossing multiple lanes of traffic.
    3. Manual Transmission Rentals: It many countries it is difficult to find an automatic transmission vehicle for rent. In turn, you may have to drive a manual transmission vehicle, which can take some practice to perfect. By having to focus on shifting, new driving conditions and possibly driving on the other side of the road, it can take a lot of concentration to avoid a fender bender.
    4. Lower Speed Limits: In most of the world, not only are signs posted in kilometers per hour, there are also lower speed limits. Be sure to drive near these lower posted limits to avoid a potential ticket, which could cost much more than a ticket in the United States.

    In the end, be sure to pay attention to avoid an international car rental accident. By paying attention to the different driving conditions experienced in unfamiliar countries, you can drive safely and avoid an accident.