• 4 Reasons to Use the Enterprise Online Check-In

    Using Enterprise online check-in when you rent your next vehicle can save you time and money at the rental lot. By checking in when it is convenient before heading to the lot, you can bypass the line to complete a contract with a salesperson and you may be able to avoid the typical up-sell attempts. You can find out more about the online check-in process by visiting Enterprise Rent-A-Car online. There are other beneficial reasons to use online check-in, including:

    1. Saving Time: By inputting all of your information at home, you can make sure that everything is correct and you can print your contract before visiting the rental lot. Upon arrival, you can save time by going to the front of the line to pick up your vehicle quickly.
    2. No Hassle Purchase: Using online check-in also means that your rental is prepaid before you ever visit the office. When you pick your vehicle up you do not have to worry about pesky up-sell attempts and insurance offers; you have already decided what coverage works best for you.
    3. Easy Discounts: If you have a coupon to use on your next rental, it may be used via online check-in just as if you are at the rental counter. Enterprise also offers occasional online-only discounts that can save you even more money.
    4. Wide Selection: By using online check-in you can choose the exact class of vehicle that you are looking for. If a particular branch location is out of that class, they can find the vehicle at another location or you can choose to place your reservation at another branch.

    In any case, making use of Enterprise online check-in means that you can find the right vehicle very quickly, all while saving time and money over visiting the rental counter. However, if you have specific questions, be sure to contact a rental location before finalizing your online check-in.