• 4 Best Cars to Rent for Long Distance Driving

    When considering a rental vehicle for long distance driving, there are a variety of requirements that most drivers prefer. While an electric car may seem like a good choice for a long distance rental, most drivers find the interior room small and the overall level of comfort in the vehicle lacking. The most popular rental cars for long-distance drives are large sedans that offer some luxury options while still returning reasonable MPG on the freeway. The following list highlights some popular cars to rent for long distance drives:

    1. Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis/Lincoln Town Car: This trio of related large rear-wheel drive vehicles from Ford offers large front and back seats and a good number of interior amenities. You will likely find heated leather seats and automatic climate control systems on these vehicles. The floaty road manners of these cars make them comfortable to drive at highway speeds over long distances.
    2. Chevrolet Impala: The full-size Impala is available in a variety of trim levels and offers great fuel economy. Whether you rent a more basic model or one with more options, all Impala models offer excellent fuel economy, six standard airbags and a CD player with satellite radio.
    3. Dodge Charger: The Dodge Charger offers plenty of power, comfortable seats and a great overall value for rental customers. You can often find a daily or weekend special on Charger rentals.
    4. Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon: For the long-distance driver who requires seating for up to eight, the Tahoe and Yukon offer dual-zone climate control, cloth or leather seats and plenty of options on the interior.

    By choosing one of these four cars, you will be renting a vehicle that offers a great level of amenities and comfort for long distance driving. Be sure to contact multiple rental agencies to find the best rate possible.