• 2 Reasons to Use the Hertz Online Check-in

    Aside from the wide selection of standard and luxury vehicles and SUVs found at Hertz rental car, the company offers an online check-in that provides further proof that Hertz is one of the leaders of the rental car business. In addition to the reasons for going with Hertz, the online check-in feature makes your choice an even wiser one. 

    2 Reasons to Use Online Check-in with Hertz

    There are 2 basic reasons to use online check-in with Hertz: convenience and the company’s guarantee. As you will see, each reason is, in itself, reason enough to use the service. 


    With Hertz online check-in, rather than waiting in line once you get to the rental car agency to finalize your deal and drive away, you take care of many of the preliminary arrangements beforehand online. Thus, the process of renting a car is that much more convenient. Make your reservation online, check in online, and once you arrive at the agency, you have only a few minutes to wait before you’re off. 

    The Hertz Guarantee

    Online check-in is offered by Hertz at all of its locations in the United States and Canada. In addition to that, Hertz offers a guarantee at 50 of its busiest airport locations: if you are not driving away 10 minutes after you arrive at the location, you will receive $50 off of the rental price. That, combined with the convenience of the service, makes it one of the most attractive rental car offers. 

    When you decide to go with online check-in with Hertz, you are guaranteed to drive away in 10 minutes or else they will take $50 off of your bill. With a guarantee like that, you will never have to wait a long time to get a rental car again.