• What do They Really Sell For? Finding Reliable New Car Quotes

    Determining market-specific new car prices can be difficult for novice and experienced car buyers alike. While all new vehicles must have a Monroney label affixed to the side or front window as required by law, this label only requires the manufacturer to list their manufacturer’s suggested retail price You will likely find that some area dealerships are willing to sell their vehicles for near or below the invoice price with no negotiations necessary. In this sense, car sales negotiating has become much simpler thanks to the Internet. As dealerships are likely to drop to near the invoice price with little resistance, it is safe to state that most new cars sell within a range of several hundred dollars above or below invoice.

    Among car sales secrets, it is generally unknown that making use of an online service can get you a great low price so quickly. While some dealerships refuse to negotiate near the invoice price, stating that they are “making no money”, dealerships still receive an amount called “holdback” that helps offset expenses related to running the dealership. Most dealerships will not negotiate away their holdback money, which is in effect profit to the dealership resulting from the sale of a vehicle. Thanks to the transparency of online car shopping, real new car prices have continually dropped, and you should now expect a selling price within a few hundred dollars of the invoice price on most vehicles.

    Here are some resources to help you.


    Carsdirect is one of the few sites where the user is able to do everything from finding the car they want at the price they need, to getting the best financing terms possible. Carsdirect also has numerous informational articles which give valuable information about numerous facets of buying, financing and insuring your car.


    Autos.com is another full service site with all of the information needed to make an informed buying decision right at your fingertips. From quotes and reviews, to insurance and financing, you’ll find it all at Autos.com. This is another site with a large number of informational articles to help users learn about buying cars, obtaining financing and insurance issues.


    Whypaysticker is a site that will allow you to find the best possible pricing on the exact car you want. After you’ve entered the details on the car you want, the site will also give you information on special pricing available from local area dealerships, as well as any incentives and rebates offered.


    Edmunds is an auto review site which has begun giving new and used car quotes. Edmunds has a number of informational articles that help users through the new car buying process as well as giving information about insurance and financing. The reviews available on Edmunds are very incisive and informational.


    Carquotes is a full service site with quotes, informational articles, carfax reports, trade-in information and financing payments calculators. This is one of the sites that only lists current average prices on new and used cars. Users won’t be able to contact a new car dealer in order to arrange the purchase and pick-up of a vehicle.


    Autoweb is a full service site that puts everything at your fingertips when buying a new car. When you search for a new car quote at Autoweb, you’re getting a quote directly from an accredited local car dealer. Once you obtain the quote, a local new car dealer will contact you to arrange payment and delivery of your new car.