• Using the Best Used Truck Values To Find What You Need

    The best used truck values are vehicles that have less popular options or high mileage. By using a service like Autos.com, you can find great cheap used trucks for sale in your area offered for sale by used car dealerships and private party sellers. When shopping for cheap trucks, make sure that the vehicles you consider meet your needs and that they will tow the necessary loads when you have heavy work to do. This guide highlights some of the best used truck values on the market in terms of general trends. By searching dealership inventories and completing research on Autos.com, you can find used cars that fit your needs.

    High-Mileage Trucks

    One of the most important factors when calculating used pickup value is the mileage on the truck. As many pickups are used for cross-state hauling and transport, some pickup trucks amass a lot of miles in just a few years. Shopping for late model high-mileage pickup trucks can save you tens of thousands of dollars over a low-mileage or brand new pickup. If you’re shopping for a high-mileage truck, be sure to have it inspected by a mechanic. Some vehicles with high mileage can seem slow to respond to throttle input, and others have transmissions that are hesitant to downshift. In any case, a higher mileage truck can be an excellent value, as long as you do research and make sure you pay well below the vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book value.

    Older Body Styles

    The pickup truck business is extremely profitable for auto manufacturers. As the segment results in large profits, manufacturers release new or updated pickup truck styles on a regular basis in order to promote a short trade-in cycle. In turn, some of the best used truck values are body styles that might be only a year or two old, but are an older style than those currently on sale. For example, in the 2007 model year, GMC Truck offered two pickup styles simultaneously. The older style remained on the market as the Sierra Classic, while the brand new style was marketed simply as the Sierra. These older body style trucks are still very capable, and other than looks and interior trim, they share all of their powertrain options with the new style. However, because the style is older, dating back to 2000, the vehicles sell for much less than the new body style. You can save thousands of dollars and get a great value on a capable truck if you don’t require the latest body style.

    Less Popular Engine and Transmission Combinations

    A third great way to find cheap used trucks is to look at vehicles with less popular powertrain combinations. For example, all manufacturers offer a V6-engine option on their trucks. While this engine is not capable of pulling large loads or handling significant payloads in the bed, they make good passenger haulers and can work well for most contractors. Although the fuel economy of these V6-engine pickup trucks is not much better than the larger V8 engines, you can save thousands of dollars by choosing a V6 engine or a manual transmission when available.

    There are a number of ways to find a good used truck value. The Internet is a great place to start. The key to using the Internet to find good used pickup values is finding as many reliable sources as you can. The more sources you find, the greater your chances will be of finding the best deals. On top of that, you will also be better equipped to make informed buying decisions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using the Internet to research used truck values.

    Thoroughly Search the Internet

    As is typical with anything you need to research on the Internet, the best place to start is with the most popular search engines. Bing, Google and Yahoo can provide you with thousands of websites on used truck values and prices. Search terms like “used truck prices” and “used pickups for sale” will give you lists of thousands of links to sites with prices on all types of trucks.

    Search Truck Specialty Sites

    CommercialTruckTrader.com, BuyATruck.net and UsedTruckListings.com all contain prices on a wide variety of trucks for sale from all over the United States. These sites host vehicle sales from both commercial truck dealers and private party sellers. This means that you’ll probably be able to find several different sellers offering the same type of truck. This gives you a unique environment to both compare prices on a single type of truck and determine the average selling price for that truck.

    Double-Check Local Ads

    Truck prices that are posted on the Internet will generally be lower than anything you can find locally. This means that the prices in your local dealership’s showroom might be higher than their prices for the same vehicles online. If a local dealer is selling a vehicle that interests you, try checking to see if the same dealer is selling the same vehicle online for a lower price.

    Find Exactly What You Want

    Learn to take advantage of the variety the Internet offers. Any given truck dealership is limited to their stock. When shopping online, you have no limitations whatsoever in terms of specific models, accessories and options. Find the exact model that you want, and then see what options it comes with. If the website you are on doesn’t have what you want, you can simply go to another site.

    Make Use of the Information You Find

    A thorough search on the Internet is bound to provide you with a wealth of information on used truck values. Even if you don’t plan on actually making your purchase online, the knowledge you gain from an Internet search can be invaluable in the search for the best used truck values from local dealers. Additionally, a print-out of an ad for an online sale can be a useful tool when it comes to negotiating a better price from a local dealer.

    The key to finding a good used truck value is information. This being the case, the Internet is the logical place to begin searching. As well as providing information on prices, countless websites can also take the place of your local dealership.