• Using Used Dodge Truck Pricing To Your Advantage

    Used Dodge truck pricing varies significantly based on the engine, body style and transmission in the truck you are considering. Of all the domestic pickup trucks, Dodge Ram prices are regularly among the cheapest on the market. You can find used Dodge trucks for sale in your area by making use of many tools available online. You can complete a local search or expand your search to include the entire country. Below is a list of important options that can add to or detract from the value of a used Dodge Ram. Use this Dodge pickup pricing as a guide, as pricing may vary based on local market conditions. You can find out more about vehicle wholesale and retail pricing in your area by making use of a vehicle valuation website like Kelley Blue Book.

    Options to Add Value

    Popular options that can increase Dodge Ram prices include the crew cab body, style, 5.7-liter Hemi engine, MyGig navigation and entertainment system and the UConnect system for hands-free phone use. Of course, having a vehicle with low mileage or one that is in excellent shape can also increase the value of a Ram. Pricing can vary significantly from one market to another, so be sure to consult Kelley Blue Book to get an idea of how much certain options can raise the price of a used Dodge truck.

    Options to Lower Value

    Regular cab body styles can significantly lower the value of a truck. Additionally, the standard V6 engines and manual transmission are detrimental when calculating the value of a Dodge truck. If the vehicle has high mileage or has been used for heavy-duty towing work, you may also find that it’s worth less.