• Windshield Wiper Replacement Tips: Finding One that Fits

    Although the whole process of windshield wiper replacement is relatively quick and easy, one part of it that could potentially be frustrating is buying the right kind of windshield wiper. There is nothing more annoying in vehicle maintenance than the realization that some replacement part you just spent time and hard earned money going out to buy is incompatible with your car. To help you avoid this annoying predicament, the following tips will help you find out what kinds of replacement windshield wiper blades will fit your car before setting out to buy them.

    Tip 1: Know What Kind of Car You Have

    All you need is some basic information before you go out to buy replacement wipers. Most auto parts stores have a catalog in the windshield wiper section that will tell you what kind of wipers will work with any make and model of car. Look up the manufacturer, then your car’s model within that section, then the year your car was made in the list of generations for that model.

    Tip 2: Ask a Clerk

    If you can’t find the catalog at the store, you can ask one of the clerks to help. They have all the same information in their computer database.

    Tip 3: Online Research

    If you want to be completely prepared before you even enter the auto parts store, you can always research wipers that will fit your car online. There are many Internet sites that contain identical catalogs to the ones at auto parts stores.