• What to Look for in a Wheel Cleaning Brush

    There’s going to be times when you wash your car or truck’s wheels that you’re going to need a wheel cleaning brush to get them to look beautiful. There are approximately a dozen different styles of wheel cleaning brushes on the market. Knowing which one to buy can sometimes be difficult because of the number of choices available. The following paragraphs will describe a few of the various types and styles available.

    Soft Nylon Bristles

    Some wheels are made of relatively soft metals or coatings that can easily be scratched by a hard bristle brush. Some of the more popular types of wheel cleaning brushes available are made with bristles that won’t scratch these materials and finishes. A wheel cleaning brush made with a medium-size handle and brush base and soft bristles will be able to be used on a wider variety of wheels than brushes of other types. This type of wheel cleaning brush makes a great alloy wheel cleaning brush.

    Hard Nylon Brushes

    Wheels made of brushed aluminum can be cleaned with brushes made with hard nylon bristles because you don’t have to worry so much about scratching a coating or the metal surface. Just remember that if reasonable pressure and scrubbing isn’t cleaning them properly, then you might need to look into a special wheel cleaning or polishing compound instead.

    Soft Wire Bristles

    Never purchase a wheel cleaning brush with wire bristles that are as stiff as a barbecue grill brush. This is because pretty much no matter what kind of wheel you have, this kind of brush bristle may severely damage the metal or the wheel’s coating. Even a wheel cleaning brush made with soft wire bristles should be used carefully and sparingly. It’s much more recommendable to purchase a specialized wheel cleaning or polishing solution if a nylon bristled wheel cleaning brush isn’t cleaning your wheels well enough.

    Plastic/Nylon Handles

    A wheel cleaning brush made with a padded nylon or plastic handle is going to be more comfortable in your hand longer and last longer than one with a wooden handle.

    Bristle Combinations

    There are some types of wheel cleaning brush that have a combination of hard or soft nylon bristles and wire bristles on the brush tip that can be covered to protect sensitive coating and materials. Of all the different types of wheel cleaning brushes, this type is the most useful because it can be used on almost any type of wheel.

    Bristle & Brush Configurations

    Wheel cleaning brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are brushes with large heads and brushes with small heads. There are also brushes made specifically for certain types of wheels, such as wire spoke wheels. When considering what type of brush to buy, make sure that you keep the size, type and style of wheel in mind as this will dictate which brushes will work the best for you. If your wheels have small openings, then you may wish to look for a brush with a very small circular brush head, similar to a bottle brush.